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Results of the evaluation of the CALL 2002 conference


CALL 2002 - CALL professionals and the future of CALL research 

CALL 2004 - CALL & Research methodologies





The future of CALL is thrilling according to some researchers, but others have a more realistic or even pessimistic view. Now that most of the Internet hype is fading away, it is time to look back and build on the lessons to be learned from both successes and failures.


The CALL conferences, a tradition initiated by Keith Cameron, remain biennial but exceptionally this tenth conference has taken place in 2002, immediately after Eurocall 2002, in order to avoid the crowded CALL-calendar in 2003.


The nine previous CALL conferences were held at Exeter University. The new organizing committee has decided that members of the editorial board take turns organizing this conference. Antwerp was our first venue on this 'planet tour'. The 10th International CALL conference took place from August 18th until 20th 2002. The 11th international CALL conference will take place from August 28 th until 30 th 2004.




Scientific Committee

The Editorial Board of the CALL Journal


Organizing Committee

- Michael Levy (Griffith University, Australia)

- Phil Hubbard (Stanford University, USA)

- Wilfried Decoo (Brigham Young University, USA)

- Jozef Colpaert (University of Antwerp, Belgium)


Local Organizing Committee

- Mathea Simons (University of Antwerp, Belgium; DIDASCALIA) - Conference coordinator - [email protected]

- Saskia Van Bueren (University of Antwerp, Belgium; DIDASCALIA) - Submissions coordinator - [email protected]



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